Align with your true self.

In 2012 Brielle Belle was born when my two passions, CREATING & SPIRITUALITY, collided. My story began in 2006 when my grandmother Alicia passed away and left me all of her beloved crafting supplies. Several years later, while attending college and struggling to find "my passion," I rediscovered her treasure chest of pliers, beads, knitting supplies, and more. They ignited a creative spark within me, and before I knew it I was teaching myself how to crochet, sew, and create jewelry. This then lead me enroll in classes on different art forms, from photography and ceramics to drawing and painting. If I wasn't creating with my hands, I spent my time reading books on spirituality and self growth. My grandmother would be very proud to know that I have continued her legacy of handmade jewelry which connects us to our authentic self.

If it wasn't for my dad's entreprenural spirit and my mom's crafty ways, Brielle Belle would have never been born! My superwoman Mom is my right hand at Brielle Belle, she hand-sews each and every pouch that you receive with your orders.

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